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Meet Quinn

Marketing coach, six-figure author, certified Amazon Ads Expert

Quinn Brooks-Ward is the owner of Indie Author Helper. They're a six-figure author who's been publishing since early 2013 and has been coaching other authors since 2020.

Their path to publishing success was far from straight forward. In fact, they joke about having spent the first seven years making every mistake possible just to make sure they uncovered possibility before learning a better way. 

What they realized was how much of the self-publishing advice would never work for them because it wasn't broken down in a way that wasn't overwhelming. Since then, they've vowed to find ways to simplify self-publishing for other authors with ADHD and other neurodivergent diagnoses. 

In 2022, they became a certified Amazon Ads Expert, allowing them to help even more authors run effective, affordable marketing campaigns through AMS. 

Your journey awaits. Let's discover it together.

Quinn Brooks-Ward

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